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Account Information

The accounts available depend on the gas you're ordering;

Industrial Gas Accounts

Whether you're a garage or engineering firm, if you require industrial gas cylinders, this is the account for you. Industrial gas users can have cylinders credit accounts. Both industrial and Calor gas cylinders can be purchased using this account.

Home Heat Accounts

Home Heat accounts are for domestic properties outside of areas which are covered by mains gas. Propane cylinders are delivered to these properties which then fuel various appliances within the home, such as, water boilers, cookers, central heating systems and fixed LPG fires. Find out more about Home Heat accounts.

CC & CP Accounts

Simple abbreviations for 'Cash Customer' and 'Caravan Park'. These accounts are for customers who like to 'pay as they go', we keep basic delivery details on file to make it faster and more convenient to order gas. The CC & CP accounts are only available for Calor and Hobbyweld Gases. Orders placed need to be paid for by card over the phone or cash handed to the driver on delivery.

Hobbyweld Accounts

For low volume industrial gas users who prefer to purchase their gas on a 'pay as you go' basis, we recommend the Hobbyweld Account. Similar to the CC & CP accounts above, the Hobbyweld account is used for customers wishing to purchase Hobbyweld gas cylinders.

Calor Trade Accounts

These accounts are exclusively for Calor gas stockists and high volume users.

Cellar Gas Accounts

Dixons of Westerhope is the leading independent supplier of drinks dispense gases in the North, our prices are extremely competitive and we can usually save customers up to 40% on their gas bills from their current supplier. Cellar Gas accounts are reserved for pubs, night clubs, bars and restaurants. Both cellar gas and Calor gas can be purchased using these accounts (many bars and pubs use Patio Heaters in their beer gardens) although some companies prefer separating their accounts. See why many businesses use Dixons of Westerhope as their pub gas supplier.

Mixed Accounts

For businesses who use more than one gas type - you are able to hold more than one type of account. For convenience, we can join accounts for invoicing purposes.