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Connecting An Industrial Regulator

09th Feb 2016

How To Connect An Inert Regulator

Take a look at our  simple step-by-step guide on how to connect and disconnect an inert gas regulator. Just follow the basic steps below:



Step 1

Remove the yellow safety cap from the cylinder valve.



Step 2

Inspect the interior of the valve and ensure it is clean and free from debris. If you notice debris, slowly open and then close the cylinder valve allowing just enough gas out to clear the valve of foreign objects.



Step 3

Inspect your regulator for damage to the bullnose.


Step 4

Hand screw the regulator into the cylinder in a clockwise direction.


Step 5

Direct the gauges at a slight angle to make them easier to read, then tighten the nut with a gas spanner.


Step 6

Stand to the side of the regulator then slowly open the valve anti clock-wise (never stand in front of a regulator when opening the cylinder valve). The contents gauge should show you that there is gas coming into the regulator.


How To Disconnect An Inert Regulator


Step 1

When you are finished using the gas. Turn the cylinder valve anti clock-wise slowly to stop the flow of gas.



Step 2

Allow the regulator to depressurise before turning the flow rate adjustment knob anti clock-wise, this will make it easier to unscrew the regulator.


Step 3

Using a gas spanner, unscrew the regulator in a counter clockwise direction until it is disconnected.


Step 4

Return the gas cylinder for refilling.


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