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Integrated Valves

31st Jul 2016

TITAN RANGE WITH Integrated Valves

As well as the benefits of the 'built in regulator,' you can enjoy improved productivity, fewer rejects and a better working environment by welding with our high quality TITAN Cylinder range.






(Based on average new regulator purchases due to damage)





safer Whilst Working

•  Less risk of the cylider falling, more stable than original cylinders.

• Less risk of damage to the regulator, as this is fully contained and protected.






Regulator for life


•  You will never have to buy, repair or calibrate a reulator again

• Larger gas capacity reduces the number of refills required.






easier to use and stable


•  Lighter, more manoeuvrable and smaller than traditional cylinders

• Easy connection - no tools necessary.




The new Titan cylinders from Dixons of Westerhope feature benefits that are wide ranging, from a much higher fill pressure, giving the user more gas in a smaller package to a built in regulator with contents and flow gauges, meaning you no longer need to replace regulators which become damaged or worn.

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