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Patio Gas

5kg Patio Gas
13kg Patio Gas

The 5kg Patio Gas cylinder is ideal for smaller garden appliances, such as table top patio heaters and small BBQ's, the perfect solution to fuel your summer.

Technical Specifications

Gas Capacity 5kg
Cylinder Height 390mm
Cylinder Diameter 300mm
Cylinder Weight 9 to 10kg
Max Offtake 10Kw

The 13kg Patio Gas cylinder is ideal for larger garden appliances, such as patio heaters and BBQ's, it also comes with a fitted gas trac® indicator (gas contents gauge).

Technical Specifications

Gas Capacity 13kg
Cylinder Height 580mm
Cylinder Diameter 315mm
Cylinder Weight 13 to 20kg
Max Offtake 15Kw

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